My father's given name is "Sam", which would certainly make me to be "Sam's son"

Live Free and Die




I found this little guy hiding in my woodpile this morning. Does anybody have any ides what kind of animal he might be?


For many years there was a project on the back burner to build a business, a brick-and-mortar store where people could request, design, order custom wood-crafted furniture and art, where people with a few more skills and tools could purchase hardwood lumber to order at reasonable prices, or obtain planing, molding, routing, circular cuts, or other specialty refinements to add to their own crafts, where people could have their knives, blades, axes, scissors, chain saws, sharpened for a reasonable tariff, and so forth.

Though there are many, many different hats that I have worn and collected over the years, the one of which I am the most fond is that of prophet. Much like those figures of history who wore such a hat, I have always been ostracized, marginalized, and ignored as much as possible. The little detail that so much of what I predict comes around and actually happens, seems forever forgotten by people who cling to quaint fairy tales that are much more comfortable and happy and their only shortcoming is they have nothing to do with the reality of the world that God actually gives to us.