eye wood knot
want to be like you.
I would, but I won't.
I am just a frayed knot.

For the discriminating consumers, in love with substance more than appearance, with God's fine handiwork, each piece different, "flawed", patterned in ways beyond man's finest imagination. For the crafters who can recognize the difference between oak, ash, black walnut and maple just by the smell of the sawdust.
Brunswick, MD, outer Washington area
John's Wood serves the local woodworkers and craftspeople with custom native hardwood lumber and with innovative custom moldings, as well as sharpening services of chainsaws, planer blades, and chisels. John's Wood also designs and constructs those "impossible to find" pieces for the imaginative homemaker, measured and crafted to "just fit".
Three galleries displaying a few productions:

Tables and Displays      

Marquetry and Parquet

Hardwood lumber for sale:
As much as 5,000 board feet of hardwood lumber available for purchase, surface planed (three sides) and priced below custom.
Ash, White oak, Red oak, Black Walnut, Cherry, Sycamore, Mahogany, Hickory in various lengths and widths
One more gallery, supposedly NSFW
None of the items shown in these photos are currently available for sale. However I certainly do accept commisions.