tables and display cabinets

corner cupboard  One of my first pieces, an original design of maple and mahogany,  this cabinet is now over thirty years old. cc detail4  A detail showing the unique placement of the drawers cc detail3  A detail of the hand-turned feet. display  A display cabinet of black-laquered maple and glass.  The guitar lady is also my work, made fron a single piece of black walnut. dvd case   top  A movie case in cherry. dvd case  Front view of the movie case.
artist easle  A commissioned work, in cherry and brass. buffet  This bottom half of a circus caliope case had been left out in the rain for a whole season but I was able to restore it to this condition. ash guncase2  This commissioned project built expressly for this space, in ash. woodpile open  A whimsical renditiion of a chest of drawers. woodpile closed (1) ultralite table  My "ultra-light" table, a precurser.
table e  A low table built to display exotic veneers in a compass motif. oak bookcase DSC 0003  This table is my tribute to an exceptional woman afflicted with multiple sclerosis.  Those will always be "her legs". coffee table2  The midsection of a woman with no drawers but one drawer. coffee table1  Front view of the pussy. CD case2  A CD case of cherry, built on commissiion.
cabinets  Kitchen cabinet doors made of cherry. DSCN2735  A home office file cabinet and drawers, my own innovative design.  Built from cherry with maple accents and a black walnut top. DSCN2736  The front doors swing out to reveal both letter and legal sized files.  The weight of the drawers in the back insures that the piece does not fall forward when both drawers are open. DSCN2737  The drawers are all made by hand, even the dovetails have all been hand-chiseled.  They slide easily without needing metal glides. DSCN2739  I still have plans to do a marquetry inset in the top, but its very pretty as it is, especially with the two inner boards so nicely book-matched like this .... ethiopian stool  An ethiopian-style stool, made from a single log of red oak.
rorschach test  A slice of acacia can provide hours of stimulation for the imaginative, or warped, mind .... stool 2  A simple stool made to order.